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What we can learn from the Arts

The Arts provide a bridge to being heard, sharing one's truth, being connected with others and working to change structural inequities. Elliot Eisner, in his article What Can Education Learn from the Arts highlights 4 key learnings the arts provide:

1) Promotion of self-initiated learning

2) Pursuit of alternative possibilities

3) Intrinsic satisfaction through using one's mind

4) A different way of thinking about and being in the world, which supports voice and empowerment

I'll add a fifth learning, that is that the arts connect us with others through creative means.

How do you include the Arts in your program?

A few ideas:

  • Listen to music. A few of my faves are Jeremy Dutcher , Leon Bridges , Florence and the Machine, and Morgan Wade

  • For projects, invite learners to share their ideas via a poem or a painting or a dance. You can always ask for a 1-pager written piece to accompany the chosen art form.

  • Include culturally-relevant art forms, such as drumming, weaving, chanting

Here is the link to Eisner's article in full. To book a session around ways to integrate the arts into practice e-mail me at


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