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REiL Learning model

For this project, I developed an engagement and learning model to support marginalized learners. I’ve named it the REiL model. REiL stands for Rapport, Engagement, imagination & creativity, and Learners. It can be used in school, out of school, and community learning settings.


Rapport is the ongoing practice of being interested and engaged in all learners. It is the central focus of the model. Rapport is the capacity to support, not manage learners. Rapport takes time and patience. As distinct from liking, it is not a preferential choice, but an ongoing commitment.  


Engagement happens when learning facilitators provide a flexible, co-created, learner-centered environment in which learners initiate tasks and lead activities.


Imagination and creativity allows learners to create alternate possibilities beyond the rigid stereotypes or oppression they may face in their day to day lives. It allows learners to be self-expressed and empowered.


Finally, Learners is about knowing your learners. It is the ability to welcome families and communities into your program or the capacity to go out into the community to meet families where they are. It is the courage to acknowledge and discuss structural inequities your learners may face.


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