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About Katy Bigsby

Katy is the founder and lead adult educator of REiL Learning, an educational consultancy that supports organizations integrate social emotional learning and build creative ways to engage all learners.  

Katy is known as an expert on creating inclusive and caring learning environments where all learners - and leaders and educators can thrive. Katy holds a master’s degree in educational leadership, specializing in adult education and brings a wealth of experience as a teacher, counsellor, and adult educator.

When Katy is not creating learning opportunities and trainings, she loves walking on the Galloping Goose trail, spending time in her garden, reading, singing, and sitting by the fire in winter with family and friends or sipping a spritzy drink on her back deck in the summer.

Interested in setting up an initial consultation? Fill out this form or contact Katy at

Katy Bigsby riding a bike
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