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REiL Learning for Schools


REiL Learning for Schools

REiL Learning supports schools in a variety of ways, from developing engaging workshops, to personalized consultations. We specialize in supporting school staff in building social emotional learning and creatively engaging learners with notable social, emotional, and behavioral needs.


E-mail to find out how Katy can support your needs.



Sometimes, we need more focused support in coming up with solutions to resolve challenging situations. Learn how REiL Learning's one on one consultations can help.


Explore a variety of workshop topics offered by REiL Learning below. Can't seem to find what you're looking for? E-mail to request a tailored session!

Pro-Active Strategies to Minimize Challenging Behavior

In this session learn about:

  • ​How to acknowledge and talk about behaviors we find challenging

  • Being aware of our triggers

  • Integrating the three pro-active building blocks, namely, rapport, boundaries & guidelines, and flexibility into practice

  • Case scenarios from participants

Incorporating Social-Emotional Learning into Practice

In this session learn about:

  • Models and frameworks to support social-emotional learning 

  • How using social-emotional learning frameworks and models can support you in your practice

  • Activities to strengthen social-emotional learning

  • The importance of modelling

  • How to build and maintain rapport with learners with notable social, emotional, and behavioral needs  

  • The importance of self-compassion

Supporting Kids Who Experience Anxiety 

In this session learn about:

  • How worry and anxiety are normal

  • How flexibility is key

  • What anxiety loves

  • How your role-modeling can positively impact a child’s well being

  • What exercises and activities can help manage anxiety

Creatively Engaging All Learners

In this session, we'll discuss:

  • Engagement as a spectrum & ways to strengthen it

  • Rapport as a practice which, at times, takes courage

  • Integrating imagination & creativity into our learning environments

  • Case scenarios from participants

Teacher Well-Being

In this session learn about:

  • How the teacher's well-being impacts their students' well-being 

  • How to integrate social-emotional learning models and frameworks to inspire and guide practice

  • The importance of talking about challenging situations we find unsettling

  • How to be less isolated and more connected in our practice

Case Scenarios & Real-Plays

In this session learn about:

  • Discuss the specific scenarios your staff find challenging  

  • Together with Katy work through understanding and problem solving different issues

  • Real-play challenging scenarios

  • Learn new skills and ways to understand another's perspective and different tools to resolve situations

REiL Learning: Support for all Learners

In this session learn about:

  • What is REiL Learning?

  • How the REiL model supports social emotional learning and creative learner engagement for all learners, particularly those with notable social, emotional, and behavioral needs

  • How to integrate the REiL model's building blocks, namely Rapport, Engagement, imagination and creativity, and Learners into practice

  • Case scenarios from participants

The Big 3

In this session learn about:

  • How the everyday behaviors of not listening, not participating and rude behavior can be the most challenging

  • Strategies to support listening and participation through creative engagement

  • The importance of rapport and clear guidelines

  • Relevant case scenarios as brought forward by participants

What's Up With Bullying?

In this session learn about:

  • Bullying at a systemic level 

  • Pro-active strategies to reduce the incidents of bullying 

  • The importance of self-reflection

  • How to proactively build social cohesion

  • ​Being vulnerable is key

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