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Ways to strengthen engagement

1 Learner participates 3 Learner co-creates activity

2 Learner enjoys activity 4 Learner leads activity

Many of us want to increase engagement in our learning environments. Yet, how do we do it?

Here is an engagement spectrum to use to strengthen engagement.

Learner participates

For some learners to simply participate in an activity is a MAJOR breakthrough. Whether due to trauma or lack of trust, at times simply having a learner participate is a testament to our ongoing commitment of building rapport. Plus, it takes courage to try new things. Do we share with our learners how normal it is to feel unsure when trying something new?

Learner enjoys activity

There is a distinction between a learner participating in an activity and enjoying the activity. Do you know what your learners love and what they loathe? Are you creating an environment of "good enough" where learners don't need to the 'the best' and can enjoy, truly enjoy the activity?

Learner co-creates activity

Are learners able to have a say in what the focus will be for the project? Or what materials they can use? Co-creating happens when different voices are valued and heard and when we let go of being "the only one to make decisions".

Learner leads activity

I believe that leadership is a practice that we're all capable of. How are we providing opportunities for learners to practice leadership whether that's in contributing thoughts and ideas about what they're looking forward to in the day or naming what materials they'll use for an upcoming project. One thing to watch out for is whether we're engaging in learners in leading or if we're simply having students do or say what we would in what I call being a "mini me" which is a token versus a leadership role.

How are you engaging learners you support?


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