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Behaviors we find challenging

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

Recently, I've shifted from talking about challenging behavior to behaviors we find challenging.

Yet what arises in most sessions I facilitate is acknowledging how difficult it is to stay present and non-reactive when we're in a tricky or challenging situation. Certain narratives can amplify challenging scenarios, such as, "I'm in charge and you will do what I say" or being in an environment where people don't name what unsettles them. Either way, you have a tightening of control or a making ourselves or others wrong - both of which are detrimental. As an educator, my social work training has been key in understanding my own triggers and bringing compassion to the children and youth I worked with. Much of the work I do with school, out of school, and community organizations is acknowledging and discussing self-awareness - especially the stuff that doesn't look or sound good! and understanding that who we are in each moment impacts situations. I acknowledge the courage it takes to share what we're unsure or unsettled about. And can say that the warmth, humor, and connections that arise are life-giving and life-changing.

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