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Responding to challenging behaviors

For the past 15 years, I've worked with school, out of school, and community staff to integrate proactive strategies, build social emotional learning skills, and creatively engage learners with notable social, emotional, and behavioral needs. According to the article The Kids Are Not Alright: Growing concerns in BC elementary classrooms since COVID, schools are seeing higher levels of developmental delays in the areas of social and emotional skills and higher levels of anxiety and disruptive behavior. Although the article focuses on schools, I've been hearing similar feedback from my Out of School and Community program clients as well.

At REiL Learning, we work to strengthen social and emotional learning skills with tangible tools and real-time examples of how to communicate and engage with learners in challenging situations.

We do this by:

  • acknowledging what unsettles us in the face of challenging situations

  • learning social emotional and creative learner engagement skills

  • practicing self-compassion

  • discussing and brainstorming ways to respond to "tricky" situations

  • engaging in real-plays with opportunities to practice what we could say and how we could respond

Some of our upcoming sessions include:

For more information visit or e-mail Katy at


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