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To the melody creators

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

This post is dedicated to the singer-songwriters who craft the melodies I love. I'm gonna highlight some of my faves, then you can add yours.

I'll kick this list off with Ron Sexsmith and his album entitled Retriever. You want music that is inspiring and reminds you of our shared humanity, check out Ron's music. One song that has been lifting my spirits is From Now On with the lyrics:

They're in the business of panic and control,

We're in the business of the heart and of the soul.

On to Rose Cousins and her hauntingly gorgeous vocals and lyrics that to me speak to our deepest yearnings. One of my favourite albums is We Have Made A Spark. Her song All the time it takes to wait has got one of the most beautiful builds. She is goddess of the ballads.

Next is William Prince https://www.williamprincemusic and his album Reliever. To me, this entire album tells a story of connection, home, love, devotion. One of my fave songs is Lighthouse with the lyrics:

I need you now, no other.

Go ahead get loud, like thunder.

The storm's coming down.

You're my lighthouse, you save my soul.

What are you listening to?


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