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Remembering our imagination & creativity

In my work with school and community leaders, I ask, Do you consider yourself creative? Around half reply yes, the other half say oh no, I'm not a painter, singer or actor - as if creativity existed only in the realm of the Arts. The thing is, it doesn't.

My research found that creativity and imagination:

  • supports dynamic problem solving

  • allows learners to create alternate possibilities beyond the rigid stereotypes or oppression they may face in their day to day lives

  • fosters inventiveness

  • allows learners to be self-expressed and empowered

  • are ways to expand what’s possible and more fully connect with our own humanity

  • increases human connections and empathy

Remember to tap into your own imagination and creativity. For tools and insights to support your team with integrating imagination and creativity into practice, e-mail Katy at

For more information about my research visit


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