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Moving towards meaningful

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

I was recently working with a dynamic team who was wanting to create space for participants to use their vision and voice in more activities. We discussed how this can bring up varied behaviours. Kids and youth (and adults too!) get used to following directives and replicating demos. Inviting learners to create something, their own creation, neither constrained, nor prescribed, is uber important and can be unsettling.

Below are my recommendations for increasing "less structured" and "more meaningful" learning opportunities:

-Strong planning (materials, safety, timing, alternate activity ready, think about groupings & participant needs)

-Solid rapport with all participants

-Flexible approach

-Active listening

-Healthy boundaries

-Watch out for power struggles or the need to have things happen one way!

-Model: trying new things takes courage + not knowing can be unsettling

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