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For the love of planes

When I worked at a specialized school for children with notable social, emotional, and behavioural needs, many of the students struggled with reading. On one occasion, I was working with a student who refused to look at any books. Initially, I picked a variety of books and placed them on the table. He dismissed each one. I then decided that I would focus on the child’s interests as a way of engaging him. I knew from past conversations that the student loved airplanes. I went and gathered any and all books I could find on airplanes. The following day, we sat down and I laid the airplane books down on the table. After a couple of minutes, he opened several books and began to talk about the pictures. This is a common practice for beginning readers to interact and discuss images and make connections with their lives. This experience highlights one of the factors that's key to increasing engagement: paying attention to learners' interests. It matters how we listen for, and then integrate interests into the design of our program.

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