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Engagement - Beyond participation

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

So glad you’re reading my first REiL learning Blog entry!

Every Thursday, I’ll post a new one. Something about designing impactful learning, the magic of flexibility and choice, integrating imagination & creativity into practice or creating user-friendly tools - plus, so much more. If you’re looking for insights on a certain topic, e-mail me at

Blog # 1

Engagement - Beyond participation

Engagement is often defined as:

  • Participation

  • Enjoying or liking an activity

  • Following teacher-led activities

What if we looked at engagement on a spectrum? I’ll tell you, I love spectrums mostly because they take me and my settler mind out of dichotomies, such as good or bad and remind us that there is movement and opportunities along the way.

Don’t get me wrong - having learners participate and enjoy a teacher, or what I call learning facilitator -led activity is a grand place to start. We simply don’t want to stop there.

The engagement spectrum looks like:

  • first, the learner participating in the activity,

  • next, the learner enjoying the activity

  • then, the learner gets to co-create the activity, that is they have a voice and say on what learning happens

  • finally, the learner leads the activity.

Next week’s blog will share a fabulous example of student-led activities in the form of creating a play out of nothing!


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