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Building rapport

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

Rapport can be dismissed or seen as not essential in some spaces. My research found it is key to facilitating engaging, meaningful learning. If rapport is not present, the impact of techniques or strategies are limited, no matter how skilled you may be as an educator/leader/instructor. That being said, rapport takes courage at times, especially when we're confronted with "I don't care", "whatever", "this sucks" or "this is boring".

Rapport is the central aspect of REiL learning. By rapport I mean being interested and engaged with all learners. Here's a brief overview:

o Not to be confused with "liking"

o Takes time and patience

o Ongoing commitment

o Involves supporting, not managing

Ways to strengthen rapport:

  • Listen - like what the person says matters

  • Look for connections - I often ask about music preferences as I love music, ballads being my fave!

  • Be aware of power differentials

  • Boundaries are helpful

  • Be patient

  • Remember, rapport takes time

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