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Rapport - the ground we walk on

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

In the work I do supporting learning facilitators, I've noticed that they tend to have a strong capacity to build rapport. I define rapport as being interested and engaged with all learners. This can be challenging if someone says something we don't like or maybe they disagree with us.

Rapport exists over time and is key to facilitating engaging and meaningful learning. Rapport is not to be confused as a preferential choice or "liking". It is an ongoing commitment that takes time and patience.

A few ways to keep rapport blooming are:

  • Be flexible - watch out for power struggles as these are the antithesis of rapport and limit our capacity to be open and curious

  • See, hear, and validate learners

  • Don't worry if initially you don't "like" a learner. Remain open and interested as liking is not a pre-requisite to rapport


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