Katy brings a wealth of experience as an adult educator working with post-secondary institutions, community organizations, and government to deliver dynamic learning sessions and user-friendly resources. 


Katy holds a master’s degree in educational leadership, specializing in adult education and community engagement. Katy offers engaging learning opportunities based on rapport, creative educational design, and dynamic facilitation.

Services Offered

Workshop, webinar, course, and program design

Katy designs workshops, webinars, courses, and programs that increase engagement and activate connection in the learning process for new and returning participants. 


Collaborative creation of relevant, engaging curriculum

Katy builds learning sessions in the K-12 education, health, recreation, and advanced education sectors which facilitate clear, accessible information in a fun, engaging way.


Facilitation and training delivery of workshops, webinars, and courses

Katy creates engaging, dynamic sessions for community, corporate, and government organizations that deliver vibrant adult education learning opportunities to a broad spectrum of participants. 

Some of the sessions Katy has led are:

Pro-Active Strategies to Minimize Challenging Behavior

In this session learn about:

  • What makes a behavior challenging?

  • Being aware of one’s own triggers

  • Integrating the three building blocks of rapport, boundaries & expectations, and flexibility into practice

  • How to acknowledge and talk about behaviors we find challenging

REiL Learning: Increasing Engagement & Meaningful Learning

In this session learn about:

  • Key takeaways from Katy’s master’s research

  • Benefits of incorporating the REiL model 

  • Integrating the REiL components – Rapport, Engagement, imagination & creativity, and Learners into practice

  • Case scenario discussion

Increasing Engagement in Virtual Settings

In this session learn about:

  • Integrating the 4 key REiL model components - Rapport, Engagement, imagination & creativity, and Learners into practice

  • Structuring a virtual learning session

  • Creating clear, user-friendly, visually appealing slide decks

  • The benefits of clear group expectations

  • Addressing the elephant in the room: Multitasking

Setting up Impactful Learning Sessions

In this session learn about:

  • "Less is more" when it comes to content

  • Incorporating prior knowledge to heighten interest and curiosity

  • Creating clear, user-friendly, visually appealing slide decks

  • Crafting user-friendly content

  • Designing an engaging session structure

Incorporating Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) into Practice

In this session learn about:

  • What is a SEL framework

  • How using a Social-Emotional Learning framework can support you in your practice

  • The importance of modelling

  • How to strengthen rapport with colleagues 

  • Integrating self-compassion


Looking for a tailored session that you don't see listed here? Be in touch with Katy to build something specific for you and your staff. 

Building user-friendly, relevant, and practical resources

Katy crafts user-friendly resources which ensure key information shines. She understands how to communicate ideas in a practical, easy to use way that inspires curiosity.