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Welcome to REiL Learning 

Looking to build social emotional learning skills and creatively engage with the children and youth you work with? REiL Learning is an educational consultancy supporting school, out of school, and community organizations in their work with tricky or challenging situations in which we feel unsettled and unsure in how to respond. We look at how to grow in self-compassion and understanding of our own triggers, so we can engage and build relationships with the kids and youth in our care. Through our well received workshops and tailored one-on-one consulting sessions, we support leadership and front-line staff design and deliver meaningful learning for all learners. REiL Learning is a play on words for what is "real" infusing imagination and creativity into the experience of learning.  


Professional Development

We offer professional development sessions and consultations for school, out of school, and community organizations.

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REiL Learning sessions are now available virtually each month for individuals and small groups of school, out of school, and community organization staff. 


Upcoming training sessions include:


September 20, 2023: Pro-active strategies 

October 19, 2023: Incorporating social-emotional learning into practice

November 22, 2023: Creatively engaging all learners

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Dried Oranges

E-Learning Sessions through BC Recreation & Parks Association

Newly revised social emotional learning & proactive strategies e-learning sessions available through BC Recreation & Parks Association.

Visit here for more information



It was such a pleasure partnering with Katy at REiL Learning. From the beginning of our planning time together, Katy listened deeply and thoughtfully as she tailored a workshop for over 40 adult learners that work with kids and youth in education, out of school, and recreation programs. Her presentation was fun, engaging and responsive. The participants were so impressed by her knowledge and expertise and walked away feeling informed and inspired. I look forward to working with Katy again soon!


Sheri Brattston

Managing Director, Community Education

Burnaby School District

Katy was a fantastic addition to the annual Training Weekend for the Camp Goodtimes team. She provided valuable insight and techniques for working with children presenting challenging behaviours as well as supporting children who experience anxiety. Not only was her workshop informative and engaging, but her approach and presentation style is so open minded and flexible which our team greatly appreciated. She helped prepare our team for an amazing summer at camp, thanks Katy!

John McCracken

Volunteer Support Specialist, Camp Goodtimes

Canadian Cancer Society

Katy Bigsby uses a Social-Emotional Framework to facilitate change with rapport and thoughtful intention. Her unique background in Education and Social Work lends itself to a creative and collaborative approach to increasing engagement in formal and informal education programs. Through her interactive approach, participants are given the opportunity to reflect on their practice and receive feedback in a safe and supportive environment. Katy models how self-care is foundational to fostering environments where youth feel valued and cared for. She provides relevant strategies and up-to-date research with immediate takeaways. Katy is knowledgeable, kind, professional and enthusiastic- I highly recommend her workshops for anyone working with youth and/or young adults.

Alex Inglis, 
Health Promoting Schools Coordinator
School District 73 (Kamloops-Thompson)

I love the work of Katy Bigsby! Empowering facilitators to lead and empower students… important, powerful and hugely effective work. As someone who works a lot with young people, I have been personally impacted and ‘upskilled' through participating in Katy’s training.  Learning strategies to engage young people, in a respectful and meaningful way that thoughtfully enhances their lives was a great benefit to me! And Katy’s effervescent style of  imparting creative and practical strategies to facilitators and teachers makes the training and working with her a real delight.  I can’t recommend her highly enough!"

Daniel Duggan,

Executive at Rhythm Resource Inc

Working in partnership with Katy is a truly collaborative experience. Katy is responsive, respectful, and always maintains the learner at the heart of her work. The passion Katy shows through her work and modelling of being a teacher-learner is always present. Results are reflective of the desired outcomes and inclusive of diverse perspectives and ways of knowing. I always look forward to collaborations with Katy.

Christine Macer

Education Programs Manager

Katy was a critical support to our work with the After School Sport and Arts Initiative (ASSAI) and we deeply valued and appreciated her professional and excellent guidance and management of our project. We will miss Katy's sense of humour, intellect and contagious positive energy.

Sheila Wilson
ASSAI Coordinator
School District 46 (Sunshine Coast)

I have worked with Katy for several years and have found her compassion, empathy, and enthusiasm for
facilitating positive engagement for ALL learners encouraging and inspiring.

The Tillicum community program staff were fortunate to participate during the research and development process of the REIL Model while Katy was working on her Master’s degree at the University of Victoria. We continue to practice the tenants of this model: building rapport, encouraging learning through authentic engagement, fostering imagination and creativity as it evolves organically, and meeting our learners where ever they are. The REIL Model provides a concrete foundation to truly connect with learners where ever they are, and encourage growth and development in the best and most effective way possible for each learner from their own unique place.

Many of the after-school staff work as Educational Assistants at Tillicum as well. After their experience
working with Katy they suggested she present her Pro-Active Strategies for Challenging Behavior webinar for our in-school Professional Development in the fall of 2020 to teachers and support staff. That presentation was well received and stimulated much discussion, thought, and collaboration amongst staff. It has been particularly grounding and effective as we navigate the challenges of COVID.

Thank you, Katy!


Dianne Dennis, Program Coordinator
Tillicum Community School
Greater Victoria School District 61





Katy Bigsby

Thanks for getting in touch!

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