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Less is more

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

Growing up my mom used to say less is more. As a kid I remember thinking - less is definitely not more when it comes to candy or time with friends.

As a learning designer - someone who creates and supports the co-creation of engaging learning, I recognize the gold in this statement.

In general, our default is to overwhelm learners by including too much "stuff" whether it's ideas or concepts. Too many bullet points, not enough white space. Too many descriptions, not enough space for learners to contribute their knowledge and insights. Remember engaging learning is bi-directional in nature. Learners of all ages bring their wisdom and knowledge, irrespective of whether they're the student or teacher, or as I call them the learner or the learning facilitator.

Embrace less is more in your next learning project, and try these simple ideas:

  • What are your 3 - 5 key takeaways?

  • Share your key takeaways with someone not in your field of work. Do they understand them? If not, switch them up.

  • Include white space in all communications.

  • Include images which don't distract from your messaging.

As always, be in touch with me if you're looking for any insights or ideas around your learning project. You can reach me at

Enjoy your week,



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